1. An exciting release from the PhoneGap team to ease some of the pain of mobile development. More to come. Download it from app stores now!


  2. "Every system has two sets of rules: The rules as they are intended or commonly perceived, and the actual rules (“reality”). In most complex systems, the gap between these two sets of rules is huge."
  3. Plowing deep in the trees of @whistlerblackcomb. Regram from @doglotion

  4. @sophielechasseur @maysannemay @sarahfrood and Pia totally stoked on the shot ski! #sorryforpartying


  5. "Innovation comes from long-term thinking and iterative execution."
  6. Good line hunting with @shanedavidtreat #skintowin #playwiththebest

  7. @eric_hjorleifson looking for cold snow on Fissile. @shanedavidtreat and Indy thanks for the day! @whistlerblackcomb #playwiththebest

  8. Feb 10. Time to put snow tires on I guess! Thanks Tito!!!!

  9. I had the good fortune to hit up Baldface last week. Good crew, great pockets of cold Kootenays powder and clear skies provided for an excellent trip. Looks like snow is coming back to the dustbowl known as coastal BC. Look at me whining;-)

    I shot this video using a Hitcase (case + wide angle lens) one my iPhone. Pretty handy unit, I edited it all directly on my Phone. Woh nerd alert. The future is now!

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  10. "…I realized the world of business really separates into…two groups. The attackers are the entrepreneurs who are disrupting the status quo, trying to change the world, take the hill, anything is possible, and have nothing to lose in most cases. They’re driven by passion and the idea and intensity. Large organizations — and it’s true of Fortune 500s and it’s also true of governments and other large organizations — are defenders. These guys aren’t trying to pursue the art of the possible, how to maximize opportunity. They actually are trying to minimize the downside, and hedge risk. They’re trying to de-risk situations. Entrepreneurs can’t even think this way. It’s not even a concept they understand."

    this is very true and is the reason my business is such a good one

    Steve Case (quoted by Adam Bryant in There Are Only Two Kinds of Companies. Which One is Yours?)

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