1. So bummed I missed the 2 acre shaker this year! Text from @anthonybonello.

  2. Regram from @davesilverphoto up @lastfrontierheli a couple years back with @sarahfrood. Skiing through a burn is always a neat experience. @blackcrows_skis

  3. Evening lap on the Wasatch Crest Trail. Endless buff single track. Thanks @dococtopus @rpwykoff for the good times.

  4. Over a month since the stag. I can barely remember who these dickheads are. Mt baker sure was a fun ski though!

  5. Double rainbow! #nofilter #adobelife #doublerainbow #rainbow #itmeansnothing #slc (at Beer Bar)

  6. Team building with @dococtopus and @phonegap team!

  7. Ok one last shot of @sarahfrood in the lakes basin region of the Sierra buttes. Downiville and @yubaexpeditions always deliver! #latergram

  8. @sarahfrood shredding mills peak. So much work went into this trail, it’s a must ride. #downieville #graeagle @yubaexpeditions thanks!

  9. Beauty in the buttes! @yubaexpeditions always delivers good good times in #downieville

  10. Keep it classy Downieville. @yubaexpeditions #mountainbike #california #leisuresuit #downieville