1. Team building with @dococtopus and @phonegap team!

  2. Ok one last shot of @sarahfrood in the lakes basin region of the Sierra buttes. Downiville and @yubaexpeditions always deliver! #latergram

  3. @sarahfrood shredding mills peak. So much work went into this trail, it’s a must ride. #downieville #graeagle @yubaexpeditions thanks!

  4. Beauty in the buttes! @yubaexpeditions always delivers good good times in #downieville

  5. Keep it classy Downieville. @yubaexpeditions #mountainbike #california #leisuresuit #downieville

  6. @sarahfrood loving the flow in #parkcity en route to @rpwykoff and @saraimorgan’s flow of love. Utah is pretty great:)


  7. An exciting release from the PhoneGap team to ease some of the pain of mobile development. More to come. Download it from app stores now!


  8. "Every system has two sets of rules: The rules as they are intended or commonly perceived, and the actual rules (“reality”). In most complex systems, the gap between these two sets of rules is huge."
  9. Plowing deep in the trees of @whistlerblackcomb. Regram from @doglotion

  10. @sophielechasseur @maysannemay @sarahfrood and Pia totally stoked on the shot ski! #sorryforpartying